Friday, November 12, 2004

I wish I'm somewhere else...

"...And so, one of things I like about Europe is the healthy attitude towards sexuality and sensuality: it's so open, it's not dirty. You see people kissing in the streets of Paris and people go "Aaaaaw, l'amour" (on the contrary, you see people in Makati kissing and the reaction is, "God, PDA!") It's just love. And with love comes discovery with your partner, in all aspects, sex included." My friend Kala tells about her folks' kewl atittude about sex, love and the life and i am sooo jealous. I wish my folks were more like hers.

I hate to say it, but my mom's one of those "close-minded gossips" she was talking about. I guess it's all about the upbringing. She came from a really conservative family whose idea of being up close and personal with your significant other was having a ring on your finger and exchanging vows. Yup, and you guys have NOT done it yet. So, in reaction to my brother's current status, as well as my own, my mother has created this melodrama about how we are becoming the loving son and daughter she has always thought us to be (this is in short of saying that we were ---gasp!---"living in sin").

For the past few days, my family members have been keeping tabs on me, some subtlely, others blatantly aggresive (i.e., my mom). It's funny how this comes into the scene every time i get involved with someone. Call them paranoid or concerned, my family has always been THISCLOSE to making me leave the country because of their constant scrutiny. Of course, it's not that i don't appreciate the concern. I do, it shows that they care about me. What irks me is that the extent of this concern at times crosses the line of being insane and offensive (see previous post for more).

In exasperation (and a need to bond with siblings) i got to talk to my older brother earlier. It's funny, his concerns about our folks mirrored mine and we never really discussed it till recently. Apparently my mom has been gossiping about me to him, and vice-versa. He told me his side of the story and defended me to my mom ( love you bro!) for everything i've been doing. I know we haven't talked as much in the past, and we rarely hangout when i get home, but i am so glad that despite this, we have each other's back. It's amazing how comforting his word is to me, especially nowadays. He's been through what i've going through right now, with my mom and my dad, maybe even more, but i really admire how he handles himself with them, always patient and understanding. I wish i can be like that. *sigh* Anyhoo, he's been supportive and really cool about the whole thing, and for that i'm glad. Thanks Manong.

*sigh* The holidays are coming up. I dread going back home for this kind of melodrama.

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LemonCloud said...

It is the same in my country. Most people are like that. It is part of our culture I guessed.
So you will have to bear with it. Think of it as your mum’s concern for you and try to stay clear from her so she can’t nag you. A bit bad to do that but is better than flare up at her. Tolerate it.

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